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November 2011 News

  Social Media for Physicians

A recent study has been published to assess physician adoption of information and communication technologies. A survey of 490 randomly selected physicians captured data about the different types of technologies used currently and to assess the non-user physician's intention to adopt the technologies. When examining the usage, Twitter adoption was lowest at 6.7%. E-mail was highest at 78%, on-line communities at 53%, texting at 42%, cell phone application at 37%. There was little interest in Blogs, 7%, or RSS feeds 6.3%. When asked what technology will never be utilized to share medical knowledge Twitter once again was the loser with 35% of physicians indicating they will never use the technology.

We have to wonder how anyone can function without e-mail today but if this research is correct 22% don't utilize it

  .25 Credit Hour

Just a reminder that we must calculate attendance based on the quarter hour of attendance. CME credit is at best an honor system but be aware that when you only attend 30 minutes of a hour you may only get .5 hours on your record of attendance.

  Upcoming Conferences

1/12-1/15/2012 VAMC Winter Retreat, Hunt Lodge - Holiday Inn (Nancy Williams - 422-1000)
2/23-26/2012 Ada County Medical Society Winter Clinics, Shore Lodge, McCall (Don Bich - 336-2930)
2/16-17/2012 Perinatal Winter Conference, Nampa Civic Center, Nampa (Sarah Jacobson - 381-4174)

  Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. - Anderson Center
  Wednesday, 12:15 p.m. - Winter Room
  Friday, 8:00 a.m. - McCleary Auditorium

  Other Regularly Scheduled Conferences

  St Luke's RMC

Tumor Board - Tuesday, 12:00 noon
Breast Tumor Board - Thursday, 7 a.m.
MSTI Pediatric Tumor Board - 2nd & 4th Wednesday, 12 noon
Meridian Tumor Board - 1st & 3rd Thursday, 12 noon
CHEERS (Children's Hospital Education Enrichment Review) - 1stThursday, 8 am
Anderson Center - Ada -2; MATCH 2nd Thursday, 8 am
  Mercy Medical Center
Tumor Board- Tuesday, 12 noon

  West Valley Medical Center
Tumor Board - Monday, 12:30 pm

  Saint Alphonsus RMC
Tumor Board - Thursday, 12 noon
Breast Care Panel, Tuesday, 7:00 am


New Members this month: Michael Spackman, M.D.; Raphael Streiff, M.D.; Krishna Alluri, M.D.; Michael Diggs, M.D.; Svetlana Meier, M.D.; Naomi Brooks, M.D.; Chara Solich, M.D.


November 17, 2011 ACMS Legislative Night, Red Lion Downtowner
December 1, 2011 ACMS Winter Garden A Glow, Idaho Botanical Garden
February 23-26, 2012 ACMS 53rd Annual Winter Clinics, Shore Lodge, McCall


  December 2011

 7 Adipocytes and Neurons and the Obesity Disconnection, Alan Rader, MD
14 Kids Get Arthritis Too , W. Patrick Knibbe, MD
21 St. Luke's Children's Hospital, Grand Rounds, Child Abuse, Michael Sexton, MD

  January 2012

 4 Epidemiology Update, Chris Hahn, MD
 6 Epidemiology Update, Chris Hahn, MD
18 St. Luke's Children's Hospital, Grand Rounds, GI Case, Henry Thompson, MD
18 Sepsis, Darin Lee, MD
25 Breast Imaging, James Maxwell, MD

  (Wednesday, 8:00am/St. Luke's RMC; Wednesday, 12:15pm/Mercy Medical Center; Friday, 8:00am/Saint Alphonsus RMC)


David Mueller fills in for John this month with Mueller's Moanings

CME More than Licensing Requirements

To some the world of CME is all about getting credits. It's a simple notion held by several of our over lords at the Institute of Medicine and Congress. Their premise is physicians attend CME programs because they need their credits for licensure, MOC or insurance.

In Idaho a physician needs 20 hours per year for licensure or 40 in a two year period. In 2010 ACMEC alone offered over 900 hours of credit and there were physicians at every offering. Twelve-thousand hours of credit were recorded. Some simple math tells us most physicians are earning close to 50 hours per year. So their logic would dictate Idaho physicians would only attend 20 hours per year and stop. It does not happen. Physicians are not forced to do CME. CME is all about the learning and very little to do with credits. Credit is a convenience and a way to standardize the overall approach to adult education in medicine.

Physicians are not college students that need credit to graduate. They are already practicing the art of medicine. CME helps physicians become better artists whether they get the credit or not.


November 2011 Conferences

  Anderson Center, St. Luke’s RMC, Wednesday 8:00 a.m.

 2 Update on Asthma, G. William Palmer, MD
 9 Dermatologic Update for Primary Care, KaLynne Harris, MD
16 St. Luke's Children's, Hospital Grand Rounds, New Developments in Genetic Testing, Cary Harding, MD
23 Elder Abuse, Barry Cusack, MD
30 Concussion Injuries, Kurt Nilsson, MD

  Winter Room, Mercy Medical Center, Wednesday 12:15 p.m.

 2 Update on Asthma, G. William Palmer, MD
 9 Dermatologic Update for Primary Care, KaLynne Harris, MD
16Cancer Screening Update 2011, Andrew Pierson, MD
23 Elder Abuse, Barry Cusack, MD
30 Concussion Injuries, Kurt Nilsson, MD

  AW Horsley, VA Medical Center, Thursday 8:00 a.m.

 3 TBA
10 TBA
17 TBA

  McCleary Auditorium, Saint Alphonsus RMC, Friday 8:00 a.m.

 4 Dermatologic Update, for Primary Care, KaLynne Harris, MD
11 Cancer Screening Update 2011, Andrew Pierson, MD
18 Critical Care Case Conference, Speaker TBA

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